Here is a list of past winners of the Grandjany Memorial Competition.

2020: Hannah Cope

2016: 1st Prize: Anna Dunlap

2013: 1st Prize: Hannah Cope, Intermediate II, for the best performance of “Colorado Trail”; 2nd Prize: Sunny Wu, Intermediate II, for the best performance of “Colorado Trail”

2011: Advanced: Alexandra Katelyn Mullins; Intermediate II: Helen Gerhold

2007: Junior: Anne Nielson

2005: Advanced: Cheryl Losey; 
Junior: Noel Wan

2003: Elizabeth Jaxon

1999Grandjany I: 1st Place: Lisa Spurlock; 2nd Place: Kristie Withers; Grandjany II: 
1st Place: Maria Luisa Rayan; 2nd Place: Baltazar Juarez

1996: 1st Prize: Heather Horne; 2nd Prize: Carla Maria Roth; Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Keadle

1993Grandjany I: Heather Horne; Grandjany II: Laura Michelle

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