Here is a list of past winners of American Harp Society Foundation awards: Prix Renie, Malone Prize, Kathy Bundock Moore Prize, Wickersham Award, Karl Carlson Award, Kathrin Fouse Award, and Kids for Camp.

Prix Renie

2013: Natalie Hoffman, Young Professional ($500) for the best performance of “The  Nightingale” Liszt (ed. Renie)

2011: Intermediate I: Heidi Morey

2007: Advanced: Hannah Kuipers; Intermediate II: Elizabeth Anne White

2005: Young Professional: Adriana Horne; Intermediate II: Joy Wan

2003: Rachel Brandwein

2001: Nuiko Wadden

1999Prix Renie I: 1st Place: Annabelle Taubl; 2nd Place: Piper Runnion-Barsford; 
Prix Renie II: 1st Place: Maria Luisa Rayan; 2nd Place: Erin Earl Wood

1993: Kirsten Agresta

Malone Prize

2007: Seika Dong

2003: Hannah Kuipers

2001: Inermediate II: Angela Dastrup; Intermediate I: Heidi Gorton

Kathy Bundock Moore Prize

2018: Abigail Enssle, student of Courtney Hershey Bress
2011: Junior: Caroline Jorgensen

Wickersham Award

2010: Stephanie Miller

Karl Carlson Award

2003: Angela Liu

Kathrin Fouse Award

2010: Aumanae Hitesman; David Renn; Leah Crouthamal

Kids for Camp

2019: Shaylen Joos attended the Curtis Summerfest Harp Colony studying with Elizabeth Hainen and Judy Loman; Mia Safdie attended the American Harp Society’s Summer Institute 2019, where she was a featured young composer for their Young Composer Project and participated in several master classes, including that of Maria Luisa Rayan.
2018: Cadence Uzarraga, student of Jan Jennings and Esther Henson, attending The Summer Harp Academy in N.C.
2010: Marilla A. Clay

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