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The American Harp Foundation is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization, an independent public charity. Your tax-exempt donation will help amplify its mission and ensure its future. Every tax-deductible dollar received makes a difference, as you can see by visiting our extensive rosters of Foundation Competitions winners:

Thank you for your Generous Donation! It is truly appreciated and makes a difference for the harp community!

Tax-exempt since Jan. 1993
(EIN): 93-1122372

Donation Categories:
Five-Year Founders (any amount given for the next five years)*
Winners’ Circle (Winners from any Harp Foundation Competitions and/or their families/friends)**
Sustaining Legacy Angels***

Please designate the specific fund for your donation. You can select General Memorial Fund if you do not have another preference; this supports operating expenses such as competition expenses, website management, insurance. General Memorial Fund gifts are immediately applied to the areas of greatest need. All funds are operated in accordance with Donor Intent.


2023 American Harp Foundation Funds:

General Memorial Fund
Anne Adams Awards Fund
Mildred Biehn Johnson Award Fund
Kathleen Bundock Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund
Karl Carlson Award Fund
Kathrin Fouse Award Fund
Grandjany Memorial Fund
Grandjany Prize Fund
Lucile Jennings Fund
Lucile Lawrence Fund
Sally Maxwell/Doris Calkins Fund
Jack/Doris Nebergall Award Fund
Prix Renié Fund
Dorothy Remsen Memorial Fund
Lucien Thomson Music Education Fund
Weiger Lepke‐Sims Family Composition Award for Sacred Music Fund
Heritage Funds: Rosenbloom, Wickersham, Inez Stafford

Please let us know if you would like your donation to be Anonymous.
With our new system, you can donate once, or weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually.

*Can be combined with other categories (such as Winners’ Circle)
**Tribute Opportunity: If desired, please designate in whose honor the donation is being given
***Please contact to learn of full range of Legacy/Bequest opportunities, including securities, IRA accounts, etc.


Please use the link below or send personal checks or money orders/bank checks to:

American Harp Foundation
c/o Carrie Kourkoumelis
28 Cargill Street
Melrose, MA 02176

For Questions:

Contact Foundation President
Carrie Kourkoumelis by email
American Harp Foundation
c/o Carrie Kourkoumelis
28 Cargill Street
Melrose, MA 02176

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